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Lessons Learned: The Costly Consequences of Neglecting Data Backups

Lessons Learned: The Costly Consequences of Neglecting Data Backups

Several years ago, I found myself immersed in a project that turned out to be a complete disaster. The incident took place during the late afternoon when I was meticulously crafting some stunning 3D graphics for an extraordinary commercial. This venture marked our first foray into the realm of 3D visual effects, and I was genuinely excited about it. As the day drew to a close, I saved my progress and stepped away from the computer, brimming with anticipation.

It was an exceptionally tense period, as we were caught in the throes of the dreaded crunch time. The project was nearing completion, but it required numerous minute adjustments to truly make the video come alive. Amidst this pressure-cooker environment, my client contacted me, seeking an update on the project’s status and our ability to deliver it by Friday. Confidently, I reassured them that we were nearly finished and that we would have no trouble meeting the deadline. In an attempt to put their mind at ease, I mentioned my trusty hard drive, a loyal companion that had faithfully served me for over three years. It had accompanied me through countless projects, serving as a reliable repository for all my creative endeavors.

Satisfied with our progress and armed with the belief that everything was securely in place, I shut down my computer for the night, looking forward to a peaceful rest, reassured by the notion that we were on the brink of completion.

The next day arrived, and as I powered on my computer, ready to dive back into the project, my heart sank. To my utter disbelief, the drive was nowhere to be found. How could this be? It seemed inconceivable that the crucial tool I had relied upon just the night before had vanished into thin air. Panic surged through my veins as I realized that the last two months of relentless work were exclusively stored on that now-missing drive.

This calamity marked a turning point in my approach to data management. From that moment forward, I adopted an unwavering commitment to save and back up my data without any compromises.

Thankfully we saved the raw footage from the shoot on another drive. But all the post production work i had to start from scratch.

And this was the final result.